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  • Launch of Fruit Ninja on Samsung Apps

    Great news for games fans: Fruit Ninja has now been released on Samsung Apps and is available to download from the store.

    Fruit Ninja is the touch-screen game created by Halfbrick Studios where the player slashes and splatters fruit in the style of a ninja warrior. In the game you can explore three different modes - classic, zen and arcade - in a bid to please the wise ninja Sensei, who follows you on your journey and imparts wise words and fun fruit facts.

    It is now available to download for all customers with a Samsung Wave (GT-S8500) & Wave II (GT-S 8530) smartphones. The application can be downloaded here at the price of £1.25.

    Fruit Ninja has already proven popular on other mobile platforms, reaching over 20 million downloads overall in March 2011. The availability of such well-known apps represents the potential that developers now see in the bada platform. It also further demonstrates the continued growth of Samsung Apps (which in March hit a milestone of 100 million downloads since launch in June 2010).

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