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Samsung WAVE 578

Reach Everybody through bada!
Wave578 is a 3G bada-powered touch screen handset offering great smartphone functionality.
Whether you're a smartphone novice or pro, the exciting Samsung platform offers wide access to social media and apps galore. Large vivid display, excellent connectivity and easy access to your social networks including video calls - all encased in a sleek metallic design that is a pleasure to use. (NFC-enabled electronic transactions and RCS for enriched communications are available according to specific country/operator.)
New NFC Lifestyle, Rapid Connectivity
NFC (Near Field Communication) provides all the convenience of mobile payments including quick pay transportation, debit/credit charges and other electronic transactions. Experience the fastest Wi-Fi for high-speed video downloads, more responsive games and seamless data transfers, not to mention enjoying all the general and specialty applications available at Samsung Apps. Embedded Bluetooth 3.0 capability gives you the full wireless freedom so you feel connected everywhere.
Smart & Stylish
The clean, contoured lines of its stylish, slim design with highly comfortable grip enhances usage while metallic cover lends added polish. In addition to its looks, full-feature smarts including T9 Trace technology enhances user experience. Glide your fingers over the large multi-touchscreen – texting has never been faster or easier by "trace or tap" quick typing, automatic error correction and predicting common words and punctuation.
Social Hub, Smarter Functionality
Seamlessly integrates your email, IM, SNS accounts synced to phonebook and calendar to streamline all your online activities into one display so you only need to check only once for new messages, posts and status updates. Enhanced communication through RCS (Rich Communication Suite) greatly improves your ability to communicate efficiently.
Samsung Apps to Suit Your Lifestyle
Choose from an abundant selection of high quality, next-generation apps developed and optimized for use on your Samsung handset. Specify your entertainment, game, social networking tastes. Express and enhance your lifestyle choices through productivity and utility apps. Select your favorite news, reference, navigation apps. Free apps galore along with 2,000 premium quality applications optimized for bada platform backed by Samsung's renowned support services.